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[this weblog entry complements two others by the author: (1) hating valentine's day reviews muslim attitudes toward the day of romance up to 2004 (2) valentine's day in mecca focuses on that special day in saudi arabia the information below covers. With valentine's day just around the corner, i see a lot of my brothers and sisters getting really prepared and excited to celebrate i don't get why. Because valentine's day goes back to roman times, not islamic times, this means that it is something which belongs exclusively to the christians, not to islam, and the muslims have no share and no part in it. The islamic stance is that valentine's day is clearly not acceptable to participate in as a believing muslim it constitutes what we refer to as shirk it's religious associations are clear even if holds no actual meaning to muslims.

“allah did not create man so that he could have fun the aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer an islamic.

It is not permissible for a muslim to celebrate any of the festivals of the kuffaar, because festivals come under the heading of shar’i issues which are to be based on the sound texts it is not permissible for the muslims to imitate them in anything that is uniquely a part of their festivals, whether it be food, clothing, bathing, lighting fires. With valentines day ahead ,people are debating all around the world if they should be a part of the valentine festival or notsome of the young boys and girl have started to. Islamic officials in west malaysia warned muslims against celebrating valentine's day, linking it with vice activities deputy prime minister muhyiddin yassin said the celebration of romantic love was not suitable for muslims.

Why don't muslims celebrate valentine's day how can we explain to people why muslims don't celebrate valentine's day, especially when it is a day to express one’s love and affection. Valentine’s day is a modern holiday, as it has been widely celebrated only since the mid-1800s but it has a long prehistory that goes back all the way to the year 269 ce it is said that on the 14th day of february in that year, st valentine.

(rns) — you probably wouldn’t expect the words “tsa” or “airstrike” to be on your valentine’s day cards but that’s what you get when you order los angeles activist and artist taz ahmed’s subversive “muslim vday” cards ahmed doesn’t decorate her cards with paper flowers or lace decals.

What is the ruling on valentine’s day 73007: ruling on celebrating valentine’s day what is the ruling on valentine’s day published date: 2014-02-14 praise be to allaah firstly: valentine’s day is a jaahili roman festival, which continued to be celebrated until after the romans became christian this festival became connected with the saint. Muslim conservatives in multi-faith malaysia have become increasingly outspoken in recent years against perceived threats to islamic values, challenging the country's moderate muslim image in 2011, authorities arrested nearly 100 muslims in a crackdown on valentine's day. The muslims attitude towards this holiday should be clear 1- he should not celebrate it or join others in their celebrations of it or attend their ce.

In the past, a number of muslim-majority countries have imposed bans on valentine's day in malaysia, the national muslim youth association released a document a day before valentine's day advising muslim women against using emoticons in text messages, simplify conversation when private messaging and avoid wearing fragrance. 'you've hijacked my heart': muslim valentine's day cards return feb142015 / 4:01 pm et / updated feb142015 / 4:05 pm et a sampling of taz ahmed's muslimvday. Simply put, islam frowns upon romantic love outside the important context of marriage some muslim scholars maintain that valentines day is not about “pure love,” but about the love without commitment found in alliances between.

Valentine muslim
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